Christmas gifts from the Dietz Mushroom Farm in Sequim

Red W. Worm
This happy hermaphrodite recommends
himself and 499 friends.

500 red wiggler worms:   $25

Red wiggler worms are for sale at the Dietz Mushroom Farm.

This is a thoughtful gift for conscientious recyclers of kitchen waste on your list.
500 Eisenia fetida can live in a 5 gallon plastic tote with a 2" vent in the side.
Each worm will eat half his weight in bacteria every day.   Red worm composting doesn't stink.
Worm bins may be kept in the kitchen, mud room, laundry or any place that doesn't freeze.


A home for "Red" and his friends.
500 worms included!
Price includes sales tax on bins.

This worm composting system is made from 5 gallon bins
with hardware cloth sandwiched between the lids and bottoms.
The concrete base prevents tipping. 
Worm castings and liquid are collected in the
bottom bin.
Red wigglers reproduce quickly (everyone pitches in!)
When the lowest bin is full, worms will migrate upward.

Are there mushroom lovers on your list?